Organic Garlands

Using organic balloons, we cluster and combine them to create long balloon structures that can be affixed to nearly any structure. Using different colored balloons, some add-ons, and plenty of creativity, these balloon garlands can be designed to fit the aesthetic of any event!

Unit pricing for each garland is $35
Minimum price must be at least $100

Balloon Backdrops

This package includes an organic balloon garland that covers one side and the top of a traditional pipe and drape stand. We can always add more balloons or other add-ons as needed, with pricing to reflect anything additional.

Starting at $350

Hoop Arch Designs

To create one of our hoop arch designs, we affix one of our organic balloon garlands to our 7.5’ gold hoop arch frame. Clients can choose to add more balloon garlands and cover more of the frame, with pricing to reflect add-ons. 

Starting at $350

Hedge Wall Designs

This package consists of a 6’ x 8’ hedge wall backdrop that is covered on top and on one side by an organic balloon garland that fits the theme of the client’s event. More balloon garlands can be added for an additional cost.

Starting at $350

Balloon Mosaics

Balloon mosaics are created by taking a letter, shape, or number frame and filling it with balloons. LoveLight Events offers a variety of options for this package, depending on the size of the mosaic and whether the client chooses to rent or purchase the frame(s).

Rental Pricing:
3’ Mosaic: $75
4’ Mosaic: $125
5’ Mosaic: $175

Purchase Pricing:
3’ Mosaic: $125
4’ Mosaic: $175
5’ Mosaic: $225

Balloon Wall

Our balloon walls are freestanding 5’ x 7’ walls created entirely out of balloon clusters. These walls serve as a perfect photo wall, head table backdrop, or central design piece for any event.

Starting at $400